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Book Tag | The Emoji Book Tag

Book Tag

I was tagged to this by Enthralling Dimple. I’ve always wanted to this tag so I’m happy she tagged me in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

The people who created this tag were: Liz from lizlovesliterature, Jenny from Jellafy, Sanaa from InkBonesBooks, Dylan from Dylanbooks, Max from WellDoneBooks, Vilde from vforvilde, and Scott from Scott Place.

The point of the tag is to select your 5 most commonly, or 5 five most recently, used emoji’s and pick a book that goes along with it.

I use this emoji a lot because I like to think me and my friends are hilarious. A book that I think matches this emoji is Attachments by Rainbow Rowell because that book had some really funny parts that actually made me laugh out loud.

I use this emoji a lot when I say something sort of sarcastic and I’m kind of like “yeah, duh”. For this emoji I think the Vampire Academy books work because Rose is such a sarcastic character.

I use this emoji whenever I say something cheeky, or sort ofย tongue in cheek. I think The Girl at Midnight is perfect for this one because Echo is very cheeky.

I use the see no evil monkey whenever I say something that’s sort of embarrassing or whenever someone says something that makes me blush. I wanted to pick a book where I felt a lot of secondhand embarrassment for the main character, and that’s why I went with Looking for Alaska. I thought Miles was going to kill me, especially because of the blowjob scene. To this day I have never read a YA novel with such an embarrassingly awkward blowjob scene.

I don’t use this emoji very often, hardly ever, but I used it recently so I thought I’d include it in the tag. For this one I picked a book that takes place in the summer and I picked Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen.

That’s it for the emoji book tag. I tag:

Aimal from Bookshelves and Paperbacks

Danielle from Danielle’s Book Blog

Meg from Little Blog of Books

Victoria from Me, the Coffee, and the Books

Of course you’re not required to do the tag but it’d be really awesome if you did!


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