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Book Tag

I was tagged to do this by Calliope @ Calliope the Book Goddess, and I was tagged ages ago, so I’m sorry it took me so long. I’m currently on winter break after a very hectic first semester of college, so I’m trying to catch up on my reading, blogging, and Netflix-ing. 😛

1. A popular book or series that you didn’t like

So, okay, don’t kill me over this one. But I never even finished the first book. It was just really boring to me. I don’t know why, but I just can’t get into these books.

2. A popular book that everyone hates but you love

TwilightI get it, y’know? These books weren’t the greatest. But these books were to me what Harry Potter is to a lot of people – the reason I began reading so heavily in the first place. They’ll always have a special place in my heart.



3. A love triangle where your ship did not sail

6131164Jem and Tessa for life. I haven’t read Clockwork Princess yet, but I know Tessa ends up with Will and that’s great and all but I still ship Jem and Tessa.



4. A popular genre you hardly reach for


5. A beloved character you didn’t like

17788403I know a bunch of people really liked the love interest in Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover, but I thought he was annoying. I liked the book, don’t get me wrong, I just found Ridge to be a little annoying. (You can read my review on this book here to see why I didn’t like Ridge.)


6. A popular author you can’t get into

ACOTARFor this I might have to go with Sarah J. Maas only because I tried to read ACOTAR and it was boring me to sleep so I put it down. I do plan on picking it back up, though.



7. A popular book or series you have no interest in reading

5I’m not really into aliens, ya feel?




8. An adaptation you liked better than the book

TSNThe Spectacular Now




Tag you’re it:

Sammie @ Sammie’s Book Nook

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Rae @ Bookmark Chronicles

If you’ve already done this tag or just don’t feel like doing it then feel free to ignore it 🙂

Happy reading everyone!






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