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Series Review | The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Titles: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter

Series: The Lunar Chronicles

Author: Marissa Meyer

Published: 2012 – 2015 by Feiwel & Friends

Overall Rating: 4 stars

Separate Ratings: Cinder (4), Scarlet (4), Cress (4.5), Winter (4)

Review: The Lunar Chronicles is a fairytale retelling that takes place in the future. The books take a futuristic spin on Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White. Marissa Meyer does a fantastic job of incorporating the original fairytale lore and weaving it into her story line.

Cinder was a fantastic start to the series. This book introduces you to a setting that is unlike anything I’ve previously read. It takes place on Earth and it’s so advanced into the future that there are robots and androids, and we have people that live on the moon called Lunars. We also find out that Earth and Luna are at odds with each other. I liked it almost immediately. I read this book fairly quickly because I just couldn’t get enough of it. The characters were great and I really enjoyed switching between Cinder and Prince Kai’s point of views. I thought the romance in between them was subtle and sweet. Cinder was an interesting character all on her own, as well, because she’s a cyborg. I thought some of the plot twists were a little predictable, but that definitely didn’t stop me from enjoying the book as a whole.

Scarlet was probably my least favorite book out of the series, even though it was still worthy of 4 stars. I just felt like it fell into a bit of a sophomore slump. I still enjoyed the characters and the plot, though, and I loved seeing how the characters are connected. I didn’t (and never did) care for Scarlet and Wolf’s relationship. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but there’s just something about it that I didn’t find very compelling. Scarlet is a very feisty character, which I feel fits her good since she’s a redhead and all. She’s a farmer and also a pilot who lives in France. It was very interesting to watch and see how Scarlet and her family play into Cinder’s story and it was interesting to see how the characters individual stories became one.

Cress was probably my favorite book out of the series. I loved this book and her character so much. I loved seeing her with Thorne, especially when they were walking through the desert. I liked that whole part of the book a lot. Cress’s character is probably my favorite, with her being so socially awkward. I found that the most relatable. Cress and Thorne’s relationship is my favorite relationship throughout the whole series. I like how you were able to watch them both grow throughout the story.

Winter was a great conclusion to the series and I thought it was cool that this one takes place mostly in space. I loved getting Winter’s point of view so that you could see things from the inside of Levana’s castle. Winter and Jacin’s relationship made me uncomfortable because it was hard for me to remember that Winter was actually 17 because of the way she acted throughout the book. I liked Winter’s character, even though the was unstable and weird. I felt like that was a good element to the story. I feel like Winter had a lot of hype surrounding it, causing it to be a little over-hyped, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. I just felt like the book dragged a little and it just took me a while to read it. About halfway through I just wanted to be done with it. But by the time I was finished I definitely felt satisfied and I liked where all of the characters ended up. It’s almost bittersweet to have completed the series. I’m definitely going to miss these characters.

These books were so much more than the relationships though, the characters in this series were all smart and brave. The villain was absolutely evil. The world building was amazing. I really enjoyed the plot and all of the characters. They were all action packed. I was completely roped in and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.

Every character in this book had such a distinct voice and I think that shows a quite a bit of talent on Marissa Meyer’s part. She was able to create such diverse characters and throw you into their heads without them seeming repetitive or too similar. The characters grow so much throughout this series. I’m not typically a fan of sci-fi but I absolutely loved these books. I look forward to reading more by Marissa.

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6 thoughts on “Series Review | The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer”

  1. I had been seeing this one pop up a lot a few years ago and had a friend recommend them to me. I wasn’t sure it was for me but omg I’m so glad I decided to give them a go. I was so surprised by how good the whole series was and even though it reimagined old fairy tales it remained soo unique. I loved them and will probably reread.

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