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Is lending your books considered book blasphemy? No. Is mistreating a borrowed book book blasphemy? Yes.

We’ve all been there – we’ve all had someone borrow a book from us. Now in my case, I had to stop lending my books out because when I lend my books to people I pretty much worry the entire time they have it. I worry that they’ll lose, ruin it, spill something on it, steal it, etc. It got so bad that I was officially banned (by my mom) from letting people borrow my books.

I think the incident that really set that rule in motion was when I lent my cousin my copies of Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines. When she gave me LFA back the cover was slightly torn and abused. That’s not how I gave it to her; and as if that wasn’t bad enough she gave me that back but didn’t give me back AAOK. When I asked her where my other book was she said, “Oh I let my friend borrow it.” Now, in the face of my cousin I was calm. But to my mom I carried on about how incredibly rude it was that my cousin willingly loaned my book to her friend without even asking me first. I just found that to be very rude! And when I finally got the book back some of the pages were bent.

So in short, I don’t lend out my books because I’m neurotic πŸ™‚

As far as the reversed, I very rarely borrow books from people. I don’t like it because I feel compelled to read the book ASAP and I don’t always have the time to do that. I also feel that since I no longer let people borrow books I don’t really have a place to ask to borrow someone else’s.

How about you guys? Do you lend out books? Do you borrow books?

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13 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss | Book Borrowing”

  1. I don’t really do either anymore, but of course there are exceptions to the rule. It’s just that I have made some terrible experiences with lending books and I know myself. I’d rather have the book for myself for ever and ever, so borrowing isn’t really an option either.

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  2. I have lent books to my best friend and she always gave them back in good form. I only trust her with my books. Sorry you did not have a good experience in loaning out your books.

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  3. Most of my friends are non-readers or read different genres, so I never really had this problem, but back when I was reading and buying a lot of manga, this was pretty much my everyday! I kind of regret lending my collection to other people because sometimes they never return it, or they return it in less-than-pristine condition. D:

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  4. I have a group of close blogger friends around the area that I swap ARCs/finished copies with and am totally fine with 98% of the books I lend out. There are some hesitations with coveted titles though.

    I’m definitely more cautious as to the books I borrow from other bloggers though — never bringing it out with me to read on commute or anything as I don’t trust how mangled it could get in my bag.

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  5. I very very rarely let people borrow my books. For years now, I’ve only actually lent out two graphic novels to a close friend who understood how much I value my books, so I knew she’d be careful. I remember years ago when I was quite young, I let a family member borrow a book I really loved. They took about a month to read it ,so I asked where it was…only to find out they’d given it to another family member, who’d dropped it in the bath and didn’t bother to replace it because they thought I “wouldn’t mind”. Well, it’s safe to say I DID mind, and don’t let people borrow my books anymore. I don’t borrow books either, because like you said, I feel like I’m on a time scale to read and return it as quick as possible. But then again, I always want to build my book collection so I never want to give them back anyway, so it just feels better for me to buy the books I want to read haha! πŸ˜€

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    1. Oh wow, they dropped it in the bath and didn’t think you’d mind? That’s crazy! I would have been so upset. And I definitely agree with you about expanding your book collection; sometimes it really is just better to buy the book yourself, that way you can add to your bookshelf πŸ™‚

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      1. I was so annoyed, I couldn’t stop ranting for days. They never even replaced it. I’ve only just replaced it myself a few months ago, and it must’ve happened a good…5 years ago (i think?)

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