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Top Ten Tuesday | Facts About Me

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week you’re given a new top ten topic. This week it’s top ten facts about you – bookish or otherwise. I’ve decided to split this up so you’ll get 5 bookish facts, and 5 personal facts. 🙂

Bookish Facts:

Fact #1: I’ve officially DNF’d the Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments series until further notice.

Fact #2: The Lunar Chronicles is the first series I’ve finished since Twilight.

Fact #3: I have a library card to the Philadelphia Public Library which lets me check out Kindle books.

Fact #4: So far this year I’ve only read books by women, and it was 100% not intentional.

Fact #5: I’ve lied about having read The Princess Bride and The Lovely Bones because I’ve seen both movies and I didn’t think they could that far off. I still haven’t read either one.

Random Facts:

Fact #6: I love anything and everything Halloween.

Fact #7: I have 8 piercings and I should be getting my first tattoo next month.

Fact #8: I hate pumpkin spice anything, because I’m allergic, but I love when Starbucks gets their peppermint drinks.

Fact #9: Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite.

Fact #10: I can’t roller blade but I can ice skate.

There are 10 facts about me 🙂

Do we have anything in common? Let me know! And if you’ve done this weeks TTT link it in the comments so I can be sure to check it out. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Facts About Me”

  1. I’ll forever be a champion of Harry Potter, but you don’t need to finish TMI. I owned hardcover copies of the entire series for a while, and I just recently sold them because I know I won’t read them again. I just lost interest after a while. What kind of tattoo are you getting? I’m still trying to decide what I want, now that I can actually afford a tattoo, haha.

    My TTT

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