The (Career) Benefits of Blogging

Hey everyone! So today, I’m posting something a bit different. I hosted a Twitter Poll where I told my followers that I was writing a (short) paper on the benefits of blogging, and I asked if you guys would be interested in me posting it on my blog once it’s finished. It was voted in favor, and I ended up getting a B-, so I figured it was time to share it with everyone!

More and more people are starting their own blogs. Companies are using blogs to expand their brand, and even professors are assigning blogs as semester-long projects. The most common blogs around the internet are beauty, fashion, travel, books, lifestyle, news, fitness, and cooking. Blogging can be much deeper than just daily or weekly posts about someone’s life. It can be an amazing starting point for entering almost any career field. Many people are able to use their blogs to help with future career endeavors.

Blogs can be about anything. While this can be a scary thought, this really allows the creator to have a lot of creative freedom. It allows people to turn their passions into a specialized online journal. For example, a culinary arts major has the ability to create their own corner of the internet where they can write about and share recipes. Having this kind of expressive freedom to break up monotonous day-to-day activities can help someone feel like they’re contributing to their field.

Many, if not most, careers require some sort of writing ability and blogging can help refine that skill. It is not a secret that practice is needed to become better at something. There are many people who start blogs and their writing is not the best, but after having their blog for a while they can watch their writing grow. Blogging can also aid in refining editing skills because it is always good to proofread any content that is going to make its way onto the internet. Having a blog is essentially creating an online portfolio, which can be really helpful for aspiring authors. It is a space to self-publish their writing and when asked if they have previous writing experience, they can mention their blog.

Blogging also offers great networking opportunities. It can be a great way to allow someone to dig deeper into their field through research, talking and connecting with other people. A person who owns a book review blog, for example, can potentially get in contact with publishers and authors to review book copies, which will put them on that publishing company’s radar. That would be extremely beneficial if that book blogger wanted to work as an editor for that company one day because they would have had previous experience working together. There is also the ability to “guest post” on someone’s blog, which allows you to post on someone else’s blog, or vice versa, which is very helpful in establishing connections.

An individual staying up-to-date on what is happening in their chosen career field is always important. Blogging, in a way, forces someone to be on top of their industry’s latest news. If a blog is really established, the readers may be looking to the blogger to react to a controversy in the field or their opinion on something new happening. Also, as a content creator, updating often is important and it is not good to be behind the times. Failing to do so could cause the blog to become irrelevant and it would have an impact on the number of views the blog receives. Additionally, an irrelevant blog can make it appear like the blog author is not very passionate about the subject.

There are many reasons for someone to blog. If someone was on the fence about joining the blogging community, the best thing to do is to just go for it. Blogging can be a lot of fun and it is a very interactive way to establish connections, create a brand, and work towards potential career goals.


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