20 Books of Summer Challenge [UPDATE]

Hey everyone! I’m here today to update my 20 Books of Summer challenge. If you haven’t seen the post, I wrote a post back in May stating that I was going to be participating in the 20 Books of Summer Challenge as a way to knock books off of my TBR and also to reach my Goodreads goal before I went back to school.

Crazily enough, I thought my summer was way more free than what it is and it turns out that I’m actually going to be spending a few weeks with my aunt in New Jersey, which means I’ll be away from my physical books. (I’m probably going to already be in Jersey by the time this post publishes.)

“But Emily, does this mean you’re quitting the book challenge?” you may be wondering.

No! I’m just updating the books I’m going to read to the books that are already on my Kindle! Which is perfect because I have plenty of books on my Kindle that deserve to be read. I’m not sure what specific books I’m going to read, and honestly, I really don’t want to go through and make a whole new post like the last one.

What I’m going to do is just read them as I go, and whenever I finish a new book I’ll update the list here. I also have a bookshelf for these books on my Goodreads if you’d like to add/follow me there.

That’s it for this post! I hope everyone is having a good summer 🙂

Happy Reading, Emily x


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