Surprise – I’m Doing Blogmas!

Hey everyone! If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that my blog is usually on hiatus, with a random post here and there. One of my goals for 2019 was to get back to blogging, and unfortunately, that didn’t happen the way that I planned. With graduating from college, work, my internship, and moving (twice!) I didn’t have the time to devote to my blog the way that I had hoped.

In an attempt to finish the year off strong, I’m going to participate in Blogmas! You might remember that I attempted to participate in Blogtober in 2018, and that was a huge fail. I don’t think I made it past week one. But! I am waaay more prepared for Blogmas! I sat my boyfriend down and the two of us came up with some (in my very biased opinion) fun topics for the month!

I’m going to post my Blogmas schedule below – feel free to join me! I have some fun discussion posts planned and I look forward to reading everyone’s replies.

Blogmas 2019 Schedule:

Dec. 1 – December TBR

Dec. 2 – Winter Bucket List

Dec. 3 – Favorite Warm Drinks

Dec. 4 – Bookish Gift Guide

Dec. 5 – Holiday Movie Recommendations

Dec. 6 – Fake Christmas Trees vs. Real Christmas Trees

Dec. 7 – Books with Red/Green Covers

Dec. 8 – Favorite Christmas Candles

Dec. 9 – My Holiday Traditions

Dec. 10 – Favorite Christmas Songs

Dec. 11 – Top X Books I’ve Gotten for Christmas

Dec. 12 – The Festive Christmas Book Tag

Dec. 13 – Best Books to Read If You’re Snowed In

Dec. 14 – Favorite Holiday Treats

Dec. 15 – Christmas in My Home

Dec. 16 – Would You Rather – Christmas/Winter Edition

Dec. 17 – The Christmas Song Book Tag

Dec. 18 – Books That Would Make Good Tree Toppers

Dec. 19 – Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Dec. 20 – 2019 Releases That I’ve Read

Dec. 21 – Books with Christmas/Winter Covers

Dec. 22 – Upcoming Winter Releases I Want to Read

Dec. 23 – Wrapping Paper Haul

Dec. 24 – Books I Hope Santa Brings Me

Dec. 25 – Merry Christmas!

Just a heads up that I will still be posting reviews during Blogmas, but I don’t like scheduling reviews; I much prefer to review as I read. That being said, there most likely will be days where there is more than one post, one being a Blogmas post and one being a review.

I think this is going to be a lot of fun! Are you participating in Blogmas this year? Let me know!

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