Blogmas 2019 | My Winter Candle Collection

Something you may or may not know about me is that I love to collect candles just as much as I love to collect books. The winter candles are my favorite scents. Today I’m going to share with you the mini winter candle collection that I have for this season.

I’ll probably acquire more candles as the season goes on, but here’s what I have right now!


1. Delicious Cranberry

Cran MeltThis is a Yankee Candle brand wax melt, but I believe I bought it from my local Walmart. It has such a sweet scent, and one wax melt lasts up to roughly three uses. Usually, when I turn my wax melter on, it’s on for hours, so if you’re one of those people that lets their wax burn for a little at a time one melt might last you longer.



2. Woodwick Fireside

WoodWickWoodwick candles are really cool because when they burn they pop like wood in a fire. The scent I have is Fireside, which smells just like a campfire. We only burned this on for a hot minute to heat the crackle of the wick, but I’m planning on burning this candle when my boyfriend and I have our Christmas movie marathon.




3. Woodland Frost

WFThis wax melt is Better Homes & Gardens and I bought it at my local Walmart. It smells like cold air and snow, and it really brings the winter feel indoors. Definitely one of my faves.





4. Cranberry Peppermint

Cran PepLast year Yankee Candle had a huge sale, buy 3 large candles for the price of one. This was one of the ones I bought. Personally, I think this smells more like cherry ice, but I still really enjoy it.






5. Cut Fraiser

Cut FThis one is one of my favorites. It smells like cut pine, which is so perfect for this time of year. It’s Better Homes & Gardens brand and I bought it at my local Walmart.





6. Christmas Morning

Christmas MorningI bought this on a whim while I was in TJ Maxx. It’s by a brand I’ve never heard of, DW Home. It smells a little like coffee. I’m waiting until Christmas day to burn it, mainly because it’s called Christmas Morning, haha.







That’s my current candle collection! Do you have any favorite holiday scents? Are you also participating in Blogmas? Let me know below!

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